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Our Vision of our Practice Members (you) not simply the absence of symptoms, but rather to see you emanating Radiant, Glowing Health!!!

Welcome to our Vision.

Chiropractor Craig Cheple D.C.

Dr. Craig Cheple graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1981. Prior to earning his doctorate degree at Palmer, he attended the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Following the achievement of his doctorate degree, Dr Cheple maintained his practice in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. About 65 - 70% of his practice were Amish. He quickly found out that many Amish consider a Chiropractor as their first doctor of choice ... for any condition.

As a result, he's had the opportunity to see and treat a wide variety of conditions. Dr Cheple's got a great story of his first "miracle" chiropractic case involving a young Amish man and an elbow condition. It opened his eyes to the power of a proper and focused chiropractic adjustment. (You'll want to ask him all about this!)

In 1985, Dr Cheple and his young family relocated to Washington State. Here, he took an associate position at a very busy Chiropractic practice with Dr James Overland, in Olympia. In 1986, Dr Cheple purchased this practice from Dr Overland, and has been the director ever since.

Dr. Cheple has kept up to date with continuing educational classes. This ensures that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care. Every year to date, he has documented well over 25 hours of continuing education at the post-doctorate level.

Dr Cheple loves to get out into the community and involve himself with speaking engagements. "It's heart-warming to be able to touch someone on a physical and an intellect level, and as a result, see their lives change and blossom." If your group is in need of an "Event Speaker" or a "Lunch & Learn" speaker, Dr Cheple would be touched and honored to be considered.

Susan Cheple - Accounts Manager

Susan (married to Dr C) has been taking care of him for a number of years now ... and ... well enough of that!

She's been billing your insurances and balancing the books in our office since the early 1990's. Her experience is "second to none" when it comes to answering your questions about your insurance coverage.

Wanda Turnbow - Reception

Chiropractic Olympia WA receptionWanda is our receptionist. She will be your first point of contact here at the office.

Over the past number of years, she has had extensive training at one of the most prominent attorney's offices in Thurston county, if not Western Washington. As a result, she brings a vast knowledge of personal injury information and claim management to our patients. We're happy to have her here.

Wanda promises to be a great asset to your health care regeme. She'll answer your questions with accuracy and ... from the heart. Call her now and find out for yourself!

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