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Meet Dr. Craig Cheple

Dr. ChepleDr. Craig Cheple was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He attended the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

A Chiropractic Journey

In 1978, Dr. Cheple was accepted at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He remembers that time well. “I applied to six different chiropractic colleges at the same time. The first college to send me an acceptance letter was Palmer College. I was very excited to be accepted to Palmer, known as the Fountainhead of Chiropractic.”

A Chiropractic Miracle

After earning his doctorate degree, Dr. Cheple practiced in rural Southeastern Pennsylvania. Most of his patients were Amish, who used chiropractors, as well as naturopaths, as their primary health care providers. As a result, Dr. Cheple became well-versed in helping people with a variety of problems.

He recalls his first “chiropractic miracle.” A 30-plus-year-old Amish man came into his office and asked “What do you think of this?” The young man rolled his sleeve up to reveal something the size of a small egg on his elbow. Dr. Cheple asked, “How long has it been there?” The man responded, “Several months.” Dr. Cheple felt a sampling of the fluid should be taken, but as a chiropractor, he couldn’t do that.

Dr. Cheple explained to the man that the nerves going to his arm and elbow came from his lower neck. “My job was to look for any interference along that nerve pathway, and if I found it, I was going to adjust where the interference was and watch his body perform. And that’s what we did!”

The patient came back a week later, and “Doc, you sure know your stuff,” was the first thing out of his mouth. He rolled up his sleeve and proudly showed off his elbow with absolutely no sign of impediment. “I couldn’t wait to get home that night and tell my wife what I had witnessed. I was so excited about the healing abilities within the human body!”

Making a Move

In September 1985, Dr. Cheple moved to Olympia to take the position of Associate Doctor at Overland Clinic of Chiropractic. One year later, in August 1986, he had the opportunity to purchase the practice, and has been the clinic director and primary doctor ever since.

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