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Wanda Turnbow

Wanda was born on Burderop AFB, in Wilshire County, England. She was 1 of 7 children born to United States Navy and Air Force Veteran, MSGT Bruce M. Turnbow from Moab Utah, and mother Pilar Molina Turnbow from Waipahu, Hawaii. Growing up as a military dependent, she lived and visited many places across the world from England to Japan and the Philippines as well as several US States with her family. It was a great opportunity for her to experience different cultures of the world firsthand. Something not many has the fortune to do before 18 years old.

Early in life, Wanda was raised on a 40-acre ranch in Weber County, Utah where she learned the essentials of life from her wonderful and industrious parents. Her family grew their own organic vegetable gardens and maintained an array of fruit orchards and acres of alfalfa fields. They also raised their own livestock of cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks and geese. Her young life was filled with learning the important tasks of taking care of a list of chores from cleaning, cooking meals, caring for the animals, planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables and was educated on how to preserve and store foods by canning, freezing, and butchering, dehydrating all of these staples each year for the winter.
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Amidst all of this, Wanda’s family also bought, sold, raised and bred Pedigree Labrador Retrievers and Thoroughbred Appaloosa Horses. These became sources of entertainment for her large family as they all participated in training the horses and dogs for professional shows and rodeo’s resulting in many blue and red ribbons! The dogs of course were also trained for hunting and all the kids were proficient in marksmanship and fishing poles! But what Wanda most enjoyed was riding and racing the horses!

Wanda has kept a keen interest in creative and healing arts and enjoys reading, writing, painting, music and poetry. She graduated in 1980 from Waianae, Hawaii. Her professional employment started with Hospitality Services, Reservations and Administration for Sheraton Hotels. She moved to Washington State in 1986 and promptly obtained employment with Simpson Timber Company as a Data Processor and Administrative Assistant, then became the Sawmill Maintenance Coordinator. She moved to Olympia in 1998 and worked for a Computer Technology Company and Data Services. She also was a Front Office Clerk/Auditor at the Starwood Tyee Hotel in Tumwater, until she became a Personal Injury Legal Assistant for Harold D. Carr, PS for in 2002.

Wanda has been at Overland Clinic of Chiropractic for 14 years and loves her job! She brings valuable skills and knowledge with her as a prior legal assistant. Her experience enables her to help patients who were involved in motor vehicle accidents or suffered injuries on the job. She also attends quarterly seminars hosted by esteemed law firms covering several aspects of handling injury claims and dealing with the insurance companies which she can easily convey to her patients. Wanda also assists patients in monitoring their treatment schedules, referrals to massage, physical therapists and attorneys when needed.

She is personable and courteous, and encourages and creates a positive atmosphere at the practice. She is well liked and respected by the clinics’ patients and maintains a professional relationship with all contacts to the practice! She effectively manages all aspects of the front office and assists with the education of patients with the philosophy of chiropractic and natural health care. She strives to instill the vision of our practice to our patients!

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